Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Day Of Remberance

On this final Monday of May we are reminded of those that gave their life to serve. From the time of our Civil War to and through this day we commemorate all of the lives that are lost to the efforts of war. No matter what name that might have been given to that war. 

Memorial Day 2013

What drives a person to serve our country in such a way? Pride? Integrity? Love of country? Selfish-less? Gratitude? Need to help others? Courage? Faith? Right thing to do? Ability to sacrifice? No matter what it is we should always be thankful for those that do serve. We must do this. Let's never turn our backs from these brave souls.

Not to many of us like to see our family members nor friends go off to fight for some cause. But they do, and it is our responsibility to give them every bit of support that we can muster. We can support those serving and still hate the battle.

Today, May 27, 2013 we give our thanks and gratitude to all those that gave their life to give us our ability to live as we do.

"Soldier, rest! Thy warfare o'er,
Sleep the sleep that knows no breaking,
Dream of battle fields no more,
Days of danger, night of waking."
Sir Walter Scot

Partial listing of wars involving the United States of America:
American Revolutionary War
Northwest Indian War
Franco-American War (Quasi-War)
Barbary Coast War
Tecumseh's War
War of 1812
Mexican-American War
American Civil War
Spanish-American War
World War I
World War II
Cold War
Vietnam War
Gulf War
War On Terror

If you would like to see all of the list of wars just follow the above link. You will probably be blown away as I was.

The words may seem trivial and small but they are from my heart:
Thank You!!!



Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Mother's Special Day

Wishing all Mothers, Step-Mothers and Grandmothers a Blessed Mother's Day

"What a Friend We Have In Mother"
Author Unknown

"What a friend we have in Mother, who will all our secrets share.
We should never keep things from her, tell her all and she'll be there.
Oh, what tender love she gives us, when in sorrow or despair.
Tell her gently, whisper softly, she will listen, she'll be there.

Day by day as she grows older, she's the nation's guiding star.
Don't forget the prayers she taught you, you will need them where you are.
Though her hair has turned to silver, send her flowers sweet and fair.
Drop a card or send a letter, she'll be waiting, she'll be there.

When her eyes have closed to slumber, gently kiss her icy brow.
Fold her hands upon her bosom, she will rest in heaven now.
When your days are dark and dreary, and your cross is hard to bear.
Do not let your memory fail you, think of Mother, she'll be there."

I lost my Mother many years ago. Actually 48 years ago. (I decided to calculate it.) My goodness, it doesn't seem that long ago that I remember her taking care of me when I cut my finger with a reed. Yes, I had to have stitches. I was always into something. When she allowed me to take things apart to see how they worked. When she watched as I was thrown into the pool to learn to swim. (A friend of ours told her that was the best way for me to learn to swim.) I have not forgotten that lesson in life.

For all of the good times we had together, you are missed.

Mother, You are truly missed.

"6 years: Mom knows everything!
8 years: Mom knows alot!
12 years: Mom really doesn't know everything!
14 years: Mom knows nothing!
16 years: Mom, what mom!
18 years: Mom is outdated!
25 years: Maybe Mom knows!
35 years: Before deciding, let's ask Mom!
45 years: I wonder what Mom thinks!
75 years: I wish Mom was here to ask he...r!"
- xlasax

The yellow rose is for my wonderful Step-Mother. She will never know just how much I feel blessed that she came into my Father's life and eventually became my Step-Mother. For over 45 years she has put up with my shenanigans, love of life, ups and downs and just growing up. She has been there...

I leave you with this humorous Mother's Day video

Please remember to tell your Mother, Step-Mother and Grandmother just how much you care. Don't just send flowers or a card. If possible, talk to her and let her know that you love her for all that she has given  you.