Uplifting Movies/Videos

Flash Movies and Videos

If you are down and need a lift...
If you just need to relax and clear your mind...
If you need that extra boost to keep going...
If you need to be inspired...
If you need strength to endure...
Watch one of these or many and feel your heart be lifted.

May this simple effort on my part be a true blessing to you...

Every flash movie/video combines inspirational messages with beautiful photographic imagery, peaceful background music and compelling flash animation to deliver each message to your heart.

I have searched to fine the flash movies that are designed to uplift the spirit and provide everlasting inspiration by stimulating the body mind and soul.

I will be adding many more flash movies and videos to this page so keep this link handy and come back often. If you want an easier link to remember here is one: http://www.inspirationpathway.com and just click on the page that you are interested in viewing.

Where there is a banner, just click on it to watch the movie. 

Andie's Isle by Andie:  http://www.andiesisle.com
This link will take you Andie's Home page. On this page you will be able to scroll down and select the flash or video of your choice. 

Inspiring Flash Movies by Kwek Sing Cher:  http://www.inspiratingthots.com
There are over 280 movies for you to enjoy. You may also find her movies on YouTube under the name "TheHeartprints". I have placed one here for you to enjoy.

 Why Keep Trying

Motivation and inspiration from Ralph Marston, The Daily Motivator: http://greatday.com
Be sure to look around his site and select from some of the most beautiful flash movies on the web.

The Seven Wonders of Our World from David Boufford: http://www.7wmovie.com

From the website, Make A Difference, by Mary Robinson Reynolds:
there are many more flash movies on this site so be sure to check it out. I am sure that you will find a movie to suit you.