Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Don't Be Afraid of Change

Just Go For It!

Most of us enjoy watching flash movies, flash presentations, or whatever you want to call them. Flash movies, most of the time, have beautiful pictures and words that speak to our inner self. We can watch them and somehow we begin to relax and reflect just how wonderful life can be. They take us away from the now and transplant us into a world where we would really like to be.

But, in reality what flash movies do for us is to change our thinking processes. Flash movies can change us from negative to positive, from a turned-down lip to an up-turned smile, and from depression into hopeful. Tears may fill our eyes as our smile grows inward and our mind becomes less stressed.

How does this happen by just watching some flash movie on our computer screens? Attitude! Focus! We are moved away from where we are to someplace in our dream world of a beautiful life and surroundings.

Flash movies help us to deal with our poor, negative attitudes and to change our minds so we can move ahead with our life; for we can only move ahead to a more fulfilled life when we let go of the present and past negative thoughts.

Flash presentations can be inspirational, motivational, and even funny. There are also educational flash movies that can give us some insight into a subject. 

With all this said I hope you watch this presentation and from it learn that change is an absolute positive. Don't be afraid to go for failure and the no's. Think of them as nothing more than stepping stones on your path.

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