Sunday, May 27, 2012

What Does Memorial Day Really Stand For?

Have you considered what Memorial Day means to you?

Does it mean time off from work? Gathering with family and friends? Eating hotdogs, hamburgers and the like? Traveling? Playing on the beach? Lounging around watching the TV? Drinking too much beer? Fireworks? Parades? Shopping?

Sure it does mean all of the above and much more! Are you taking the time to say, "Thank You"? Are you remembering to say "Thank You"? Does it even cross your mind? I suspect that all of us have had family members killed in some war action somewhere. Do your thoughts include them?

"A tribute to those who gave all...Remember their sacrifice and courage, today and every day. The song for this video is Guardian Light from the history channel's series WWII in HD."

Memorial Day which use to be called Decoration Day is a day set aside to honor and to give recognition to those that gave their life for us to be free. There would be no such day without this meaning. Let's remember at least at some point on this day to say "Thank You." Better than that, how about doing this every time you come in contact with someone in a military uniform.

Let's not forget the sacrifice that the family and friends bear for us.

Please Lord let me remember what this day truly means...




Wayne Parks Sr said...

A very touching blog post Elaine.
God bless all our troops of the past, our current troops and the troops of the future. We THANK YOU!

Elaine Bullin said...

Thank you, Wayne. Hopefully peace will come to us all and end all wars.