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November 11, 2012

This coming Sunday, November 11 is Veterans Day. No, Monday is not Veterans Day. Let us all honor those that have served and those that are serving now by flying our American Flag, by saying "Thank you" and by giving to our current soldiers. 

Here are some ways to say thanks and to give back:




In the USA Veterans Day is set to be on November 11. You can see though that this happens to be Sunday so Monday, Nov. 12 is designated as a Federal Holiday. Government offices, banks, wall street and such will be closed. Monday will be a day off of work for some. This does not mean that Veterans is Monday. Veterans Day is Sunday.

This video was done by the Dept. of Veteran Affairs in 2010:

The American flag is a symbol of freedom and justice for all. A symbol of unity. To be honored and respected by all living in this country. It is a symbol of the blood that was shed by those that so bravely gave their all to protect us. It is the symbol that our soldiers now serve under.

Do you respect the American Flag? Do you know how to respect your flag? Here are tips from the Dept. of Veterans Affairs and our Senate:

*Should be flown from sunrise to sunset, unless it’s illuminated during dark.
*Should not be subject to inclement weather — rain, snow and windstorms — unless it’s an all-weather flag.
*Should be hoisted briskly and lowered ceremoniously.
*When carried in procession with other flags, it should be either on the flag’s right or to the front and center of the flag line.
*Should not be draped over a vehicle in a parade.
*In a group of flags displayed from staffs, it should always be at the center and at the highest point.
*When displayed from a staff projecting from a building, the union should be at the peak.
*When flags of states, cities or organizations are flown on the same staff, it must be at the top.
*When displayed against a wall, the union should be uppermost and to the observer’s left.
*Should never be used as a covering for a statue or a monument.
*Should never be displayed with the union down.
*Should never touch anything beneath it, such as the ground, floor or water.
*Should never be used as apparel, bedding or drapery.
*When it is no longer a fitting emblem for display (worn or soiled), it should be destroyed, preferably by burning.

Here is a great quiz to find out just how much you know about Veterans Day. It is taken from the Home Depot site: See how well you can answer the questions.

1. The original name for Veterans Day was _____ _____.
2. What’s the main difference (besides the date) in Veterans Day and Memorial Day?
3. True or false: Britain, France, Australia, and Canada also commemorate the veterans of World Wars I and II.
4. True or false: Britain and France call the day they remember veterans, “Remembrance Day.”
5. What famous WWII American military hero was born on Nov. 11–although he was born in 1885, before Veterans Day was officially proclaimed?

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AWESOME article, with much deserved history, and good wishes to our soldiers !

Elaine Bullin said...

Thanks, Sam, for dropping by and leaving a comment. I had fun doing this one. Learned some things also.