Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

With all of the rush and stress of preparing for Christmas I wish you many blessings. Getting all of the presents ready to be torn apart. Christmas trees being put up and dressed up. Menus being planned and food being bought. Perhaps even travel is part of your rushing around. Making sure that everything is done and ready for that special day. All of this has become a part of Christmas. I hope you make fun out of it like I do instead of a chore. 

I love this time of year because there seems to be a different sense in the air. A sense of glee,  unselfishness and peace. Let's try to keep this sense within us throughout the coming days and years. I realize that it may be hard but we can't change some things and those things that we can change let's make an all-out effort to do. 

Perhaps this feeling of peace comes from the fact that this is the day we celebrate the gift given to us through the birth of Jesus Christ.

Did you know that Christmas has been a federal holiday in the USA since 1870? The USA is not the only country that celebrates Christmas. Christmas is celebrated around the world each year both on a religious level and also a secular level. It is a time that is important to all people on earth.

It has become so commercialized that many people in all their hurry to get things done forget what Christmas really is. How could we remember with all of the commercials and special sales that are before us every where we look. Our email is even full of more spam with ads during this season. Some websites run more ads trying to entice us to click and buy. Truth be known we probably do spend more money this time of year than any other.

I have seen very few ads say Merry Christmas. How about you?

When out and about and someone says Happy Holidays to you how do you respond?  Today while paying to have my van washed the girl taking my money said Happy Holidays to me. That was nice of her but I was waiting for it and responded with Merry Christmas. I have gotten to old to care about 'political correctness'.

I have to agree with Ray Stevens in his new video below:

My wish for you: 
That the blessings of Christmas be with you throughout the coming year and for all the years to follow.  May the Spirit be with you to lead you in all your ways. May you have food to eat and a roof over your head for shelter. May you find comfort when stressed. That you know that you are loved.

May we all learn to live in peace and to love each other regardless of our differences.

Merry Christmas



Winn1Wireless said...

Great page, Elaine!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Elaine Bullin said...

Thank you Win1Wireless for commenting. I wish you the best in 2013.