Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"A Day Of Infamy"

 December 7, 1941, Sunday at 7:55 AM
Attack On Pearl Harbor 

"The staggering loss of life to US forces was over 2,400 with more than 2,000 others wounded. Indeed the largest total killed in one day/one engagement with an enemy force until the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The Japanese had inflicted the worst defeat in American military history upon our forces. Hawaii was a US territory at the time and not yet a state. Another big difference from 9/11 to note is that most of these casualties were members of the armed services and not civilians." Source: http://www.pearlharborday.org/

1941 was a long time ago and most of the service personnel that survived the Pearl Harbor attack have since died but not all. I for one still have relatives that served during WWII. To them I give my sincere gratitude for all they did.

USS Arizona
Over 1,000 Sailors Are Entombed Under This Memorial

The Day Of Infamy
By Tiffini Bankos
        That fateful day, in December
        Is a day for all, to remember
        For it is the day we remember the lives that were lost at sea
       A day that still lives, in infamy
       The damage that has been done
       The battles that have been won
      We owe our thanks to those who gave their lives so we could be free
       On that day of infamy
        So now at night we pray
        For those who died that fateful day

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